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Saxifraga sect. Mesogyne   Sternb. (1831)  

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Contained within: Saxifraga  
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Genus Saxifraga
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Image of Saxifraga cernua by Dr. Herbert Wagner : - click to view the full size picture

Saxifraga cernua

  • Description : flowering stem
  • Class : wild
  • Location : Wintertaler Nock, Kärnten, Austria
  • Photographer : Dr. Herbert Wagner
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Copyright of this image remains with the photographer shown

Subtaxa: (? indicates doubt over placement, gray links indicate non-accepted taxa)

Saxifraga arctolitoralis  Jurtsev & V.V. Petrovsky  
Saxifraga bracteata  D. Don  
Saxifraga carpatica  Sternb.   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga cernua  L.   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga flexuosa  Sternb.  
Saxifraga granulifera  Harry Smith  
Saxifraga hyperborea  R. Brown  
Saxifraga radiata  Small  
Saxifraga rivularis  L.   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga sibirica  L.   This taxon is illustrated 
Saxifraga yoshimurae  Miyabe & Tatew.  
Saxifraga x opdalensis  A. Blytt  
Saxifraga x svalbardensis  (Øvstedal) L. Borgen & E. Reidar  
Saxifraga bulbifera  Gunnerus  
Saxifraga bulbifera  Geners.  
Saxifraga carpathica  Rchb.  
Saxifraga cernua  A. Gray  
Saxifraga chamissonis  Ser.  
Saxifraga cymbalaria  Steven  
Saxifraga cymbalaria  Sternb.  
Saxifraga debilis  A. Gray  
Saxifraga dissimilis  G. Don  
Saxifraga elegans  Cham.  
Saxifraga exilis  Yabe & Yendo  
Saxifraga exilis  Stephan  
Saxifraga fauriei  Boissieu  
Saxifraga grandiflora  Sternb.  
Saxifraga granigera  K. Koch  
Saxifraga granulata  M. Bieb.  
Saxifraga granulata  Hook. f. & Thomson  
Saxifraga lanuginosa  Royle  
Saxifraga laurentiana  Ser.  
Saxifraga macrantha  Boiss.  
Saxifraga mollis  Spreng.  
Saxifraga odontophylla  Wall.  
Saxifraga palmata  Sternb.  
Saxifraga pekinensis  Maxim.  
Saxifraga petiolaris  R. Brown  
Saxifraga punctata  Pall.  
Saxifraga pusilla  Sternb.  
Saxifraga rivalis  Upensky  
Saxifraga rivularis  R. Townson  
Saxifraga rivularis  S. Watson  
Saxifraga sibirica  Wahlenb.  
Saxifraga sibirica  Pursh.  
Saxifraga simulata  Small  
Saxifraga stephaniana  Sternb.  
Saxifraga vaginata  Sternb.  
No synonyms


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